Live Electric can accomplish any size project, from as small as a receptacle for a block heater in a tractor, to a large-scale job like wiring an equine facility, accommodating any demands of individuals and organizations within the agricultural community.

In the last decade, the farming community’s demand has increased for electrical power/lighting as the industry is being revolutionized with the technological advancements. For instance, farmers looking to reach their highest efficiency by utilizing such options as automated equipment and programmed LED lighting levels that adjust specifically to maximize productivity of what is being produced. Serving the agricultural sector requires a high level of attention to technology and electrical safety, both of which Live Electric excels at.

Within the agricultural division of Live Electric, there are many different variations of facilities we provide service; poultry farms, vegetable farms, greenhouses, barns, livestock farms, hog farms, equine facilities and more… Live Electric is Your Electrical Connection.

Things you should know  

In 1935, only 10% of farms were supplied with electricity in North America, but since 1990 over 95% of farms in the continent now are supplied with electricity no longer isolating them from society.

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