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The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is a mandated administrative authority by the Government of Ontario. Its purpose is to enhance the public’s electrical safety within the province. The ESA has two roles: being an advocate and a regulator for safety.

Live Electric is licensed under the ESA and our ECRA number is 7006614. It is our job to ensure all electrical work is completed to code and passes inspection. Live is also a qualified member of the Authorized Contractor Program (ACP) which allows the ESA to inspect our work and allows Live to work with local electric utilities to reconnect power without having an ESA inspection in many circumstances.

When it comes to a new home or a renovation project, hire Live Electric to do the work. It is our responsibility to take out any permits and scheduling inspections for the work being done. These permits ensure all work being done is to code under the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The permit creates a permanent record of the work being done and a review process will be started with the ESA. We are required to submit a permit to ESA for all our work that is being completed.

Live is responsible for informing the ESA when each stage of construction is completed (rough wiring, service, final) and ready for inspection.

Remember, we are your electrical connection.  


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