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Debating about purchasing an electric car? Live Electric would be more than happy to install your car charger! Call us today to book an appointment for a quote. We will not disappoint you, we are your electrical connection.

Here are some facts about electric cars:

  • Ontario government offers rebates on a purchased electric car
  • The electric vehicle market is constantly growing
  • Wide range of options for cars available
  • Much more affordable to drive
  • They do not require oil changes
  • Electric car batteries are designed to last the lifespan of the car
  • They are powered by an electric motor and battery compared to a plug-in Hybrid which uses both electricity and gasoline
  • They have no exhaust and don’t produce engine emissions
  • Conveniently charge it at home

Want to know of other ways to go green and reduce your carbon footprint? Check out our Green Energy Solutions page on our website!

Electric Car Charger

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