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Do you remove knob and tube wiring?
Yes we do. Our experienced electricians are trained to create minimal damage to your home while removing knob and tube wiring.

I’m getting an electric car, do you install electric car chargers?
Absolutely! Give us a call and we’d be happy to come give you a quote!

We’re interested in possibly having solar panels installed on our property. Do you do the electrical for that?
At Live Electric it is key we stay up to date on the latest (in green energy solutions). Give us a call and we’d be happy to quote your project!

If we hire Live Electric and have future issues, what is the warranty period?
Live Electric has a one-year warranty from date of work completed.

I had a flood happen in my house and not sure if there’s electrical damage. Can you inspect for insurance?
We’d be more than happy to come inspect for any damage. We can provide a letter for insurance if needed.

Do you have emergency service?
Yes we do. Visit our website. We are your electrical connection.

I’m impressed with the work Live Electric did for me! Can I submit a review and how do I do so?
Absolutely! You can do a Google review, write a review on our Facebook page, or submit a review for our website to We would even give you a discount on your work as a thank you.


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