Our History

Nick Mammoliti and Dan Howard first met at the Ontario College of Trades campus, when they were starting out their apprenticeships. They began as classmates who became good friends and realized they had a shared vision of starting their own electrical company. They collaborated their ideas and together decided to take on the world. Completing their electrical apprenticeship while mastering their skills as electricians, they joined forces as entrepreneurs and made their dream a reality by co-founding their own electrical company, Live Electric. Nick’s electrical background and focus pertaining to the residential and industrial fields, while Dan’s being largely in commercial. They started their venture with an old pick up truck, and an unfinished basement as their office. Slowly over the years, the company grew steadily one truck, one employee at a time, expanding their team of electricians and portfolio of jobs. Today, Live Electric is ten trucks strong, complete with its own commercial office and warehouse. Through their hard work and adherence, they have built a strong reputation and proven themselves to be a key player in the industry, now taking on large scale projects. The duo is continuously working to evolve the company and build long lasting relationships with their clients.