Green Energy Solutions

With utility bills being at an all-time high, consumers try to save where they can by limiting and reducing their household usage. Take a look at some of our Green Energy Solutions to help save you money AND reduce your carbon footprint:

  • LED Bulbs
    Upgrade to a lower wattage bulb throughout your house without sacrificing light output our colour. LED bulbs come now in all styles of bulbs and are more affordable than ever.
  • Occupancy / Motion Sensors
    You can't leave the lights on anymore! Have lights come on and off when you walk in the room. Great for bathrooms, walk in closets, etc. The high traffic areas.
  • Dimmer Switches
    With many styles and looks... just remember, the more you dim, the more you save!
  • Timer Switches
    With easy to use fully programmable digital timers, control loads like your outside lights and forget about remembering to shut them off.

Motion detector light to turn on automatically when set off

outside lighting to be controlled by 24 hour timer switch


Energy efficient range hood fan

Living Room

LED pot lights controlled by a dimmer


Ceiling fan controlled by speed control switch


LED vanity light controlled by occupancy sensor

Energy efficient fan with humidity sensing thermostat that turns on automatically


Programmable Thermostat - To control temperature (furnace or in-floor heating)

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Things you should know  

We are an experienced contractor who can help increase your energy conservation with renewable energy solutions. This will decrease your utility costs and start helping you generate green energy.