Service & Maintenance

For all the divisions of Live Electric; commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural, institutional and infrastructure, we offer service/maintenance support for all sectors.

Here are some examples:

Commercial- Lights in an office aren’t working leaving employees in the dark.

Residential-  A circuit breaker is tripping with no power to your kitchen receptacles.

Industrial- Thermographic inspections using infrared cameras, we can see hot spots that the naked eye can’t see. Find the issue before it becomes a problem.

Agricultural- A water bowl for your horses has froze because the heating element isn’t working.

Institutional- A fire alarm circuit switches to trouble mode and the alarm won’t stop beeping.

Infrastructure- Replace burned parking lot light bulbs


Reactive Service/Maintenance

Electrical failures causing downtime in production and/or safety risks, can result in great financial losses. Whether it is a complete power outage, machinery/equipment not working properly or a lighting issue, Live Electric’s crew of service/maintenance electricians are on call to get you back up and running at full capacity, and are available 24/7.


Preventative Service Maintenance

The idea of predictive maintenance is that cost of the program will save time and money by avoiding an emergency type of situation. Live Electric ensures your electrical systems are up to code, functioning correctly and create a customized preventative maintenance package to suit your company’s needs. Call us for a free on site consultation.


Live Electric offers electrical service/maintenance support for construction customers after a project is complete. Our professionals can service and maintain the electrical systems we connected in the first place. Live Electric is also looking to grow our portfolio of long standing partnerships with new clients.

Things you should know  

Live Electric offers 24-hour emergency service for optimum efficiency and convenience to our customers.